About Inspirearth

about_inspirearthWho we are

InspirEarth Natural Spa Care is a talented team of hot tub and spa professionals with a strong commitment to eliminating the environmental and health risks associated with traditional chemical hot tub and spa care methods. We are a passionate team that puts our clients, their health, and the environment first, and are Whistler's only hot tub maintenance professionals dedicated to natural water care.


What we do

Our number one goal is to help you eliminate the need abrasive products in your hot tub and spa. We can help you with the following:

  • Provide you with and teach you how to use natural products to keep your hot tub or spa sparkling clean
  • Care for your hot tub or spa on a weekly basis, providing you with a completely hassle-free solution for your hot tub maintenance needs. Just soak in your sparkling clear natural spa water and never worry about maintenance.
  • Emergency client service, 1 hour response time guaranteed!
  • We offer full technical repair service for all hot tub models

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Why inspirEarth?

  1. Competitive pricing. Annual costs are comparable to the expense of traditional hot tub care methods.
  2. Complete spa care solutions. For a reasonable monthly fee, our professional staff will visit your hot tub weekly to ensure the cleanest possible water for you. The complete hassle-free solution: just enjoy your crystal clear natural water.
  3. Top-level customer service guaranteed, or your money back.
  4. One hour response time guarantee for emergency calls.