For centuries, people have travelled many miles to soak in heated waters and natural springs.

Hot tubs bring the comfort and restorative powers of heated, pulsating water jets to homeowners. Today’s hot tubs are and swim spas utilize advanced technology to improve the quality of your life at home.
In centuries past people traveled from hundreds of miles to visit hot spring pools where they could soak in the mineral-rich heated waters. Some were near geothermally active regions were sulphurous water was heated to more than 100 degrees. Hot water mineral spas have generated a lot of lore over the centuries, but practical experience has shown just how great hot water spas can be for human health. The benefits of hot springs were well known to natives for centuries and this is how many new immigrants learned of these miracle pools.

While people were willing to travel hundreds of miles to luxuriate in the hot springs in Banff, Alberta, Yellowstone Park, or Hot Springs Arkansas, we don’t have to travel today. Hot Tub manufacturers are creating incredible products that offer all the curative and therapeutic help that you’d receive in a visit to the hot springs.

The home spa is something that is on everyone’s minds these days. Although big screen televisions and travel are tops on the want list today, it is the hot tub spa that is close behind in popularity. It will overtake big screen tvs soon as the most sought after home improvement feature.

Given the aging of America and Europe’s population, there is an emerging medical need for hot tub spas. The heated, pulsating water used in the hot tubs help to improve blood circulation, relax tight muscles, and ease up pressure on overstressed joints. The end benefit for the population as a whole is a feeling of better health and perhaps a reduction in medicare expenses. We can achieve a better quality life by watching less TV, getting more exercise and relaxing in a therapeutic hot tub.

Hot tubs have come a long way from the early days of whirlpool tubs. Today’s tubs have controllable pulsating jets, self-cleaning technology, and high quality insulated shells to allow owners to keep their hot tubs outside. The cost may be a few pennies a day to keep them heated.

Multi-seat Large Hot Tubs

You can buy hot tubs in varying sizes from 2 person to 10 person seating capacity. Each seat offers a different therapeutic effect and there are deep seating spots that ensure a full body exposure to the pulsating water jets. From shoulders to calves to feet, it’s like a having a personal masseuse to push out that lactic acid after a workout. There’s nothing better for the weekend warrior.

Top professional sports clubs consider hot tubs and swim spas a vital therapy and recuperative aid for their athletes. Physiotherapists and trainers all attest to the therapeutic value of hot tubs. Swim spas are a relatively recent hydropool technology that allow a person to swim in one spot. Water is moved along the length of the pool which may be from 10 to 17 feet in length. The individual can safely swim and exercise (aquasize) in the safety of this small pool. Competitive swimmers can gain a significant training advantage if they can practice in their home or yard anytime they feel like it.

Self Cleaning Technology

Newer technology provides exceptional water cleaning capabilities. They can clean and purify the water every 15 minutes, taking away germs and bacteria and other unhealthy pollutants out of the water ensuring users have a great hot tub experience. No more hot tub bacteria to remember your hot tub visit by. They also keep dirt and other particles that might harm the pumps out of circulation too. That means these hot tubs last longer with less likelihood of burning out.

You can set the heat level for your spa and choose how the jets will shoot and pulsate. The level of control over the water is amazing. The advanced heat valve technology controls heat build up in the operational unit which is out of site. In winter the heat is retained, but in summer when it’s hot out, the excess heat is released. The insulation technology in new hot tubs is amazing. The thermal blanket technology is applied to the base of the hot tub. There are two air chambers that provide a double seal which controls heat loss and moisture buildup.

Hot tubs are built in a one piece modular design with fixture added in during assembly. It doesn’t take a plumber or installation specialist to install them either. Any handyman can install the hut tubs with a basic knowledge of piping. If you’re not into such installation, retailers will have installation technicians to install them. Given they will probably be delivering them to your home; you may as well have them complete the installation.

The hot tub retailers will have extra accessories such as steps, covers, extra jets and hand railings which you might find helpful for your guests.

Now is definitely time to consider buying a hot tub for your home. Manufacturers are offering discounts on models. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed and your friends will enjoy visiting.

By Gord Collins