"The inspirEarth hot tub product is amazing. I love being able to use my hot tub with out the chlorine smells my hot tub used to have. My skin feels fantastic when and after bathing. It is like a trip to the hot springs right at home!"

- Sarah Jensen

"Finding out about this natural spa system has been such a relief for me. I am a strong believer in a natural lifestyle and this suits me well. I am glad to know that my children enjoy the natural hot tub system instead of being concerned about the otherwise harsh products they would be bathing in."

-Richard Neville

"InspirEarth is a innovative alternative to regular hot tub sanitation methods. The mineral system is easy to use and my hot tub is always in excellent condition."

-Thomas Simmons

"Staff is extremely responsive and helpful! I am so happy with the service they provide. I do not have time to manage a hot tub on my own so it is lovely to have such a healthy product for my hot tub and great service at the same time."

-Jennifer Slater

"I have had hot tubs for many years and always found the strong chemical odor while bathing and the way my skin would feel aggravated when getting out (which made me feel desperate for a fresh shower) quite unpleasant. Now, after having used the inspirEarth Spa natural solution, I realize what a hot tub should ideally feel like and I love it!"

-Greg Farelle

"I appreciate having this reliable and knowledgeable company look after my hot tub. It is always in great condition for bathing and it's a lot of fun to surprise my friends by having a natural water sanitation system for my hot tub.

-Victoria Alejos

"Its like lounging in a fresh-water jetted bathtub! Absolutely fantastic! The inspirEarth team is always so supportive, professional and friendly."

-Marie-lyne Benoit

I have a hot tub at my home and I own several rental properties in Whistler which operate with the inspirEarth Natural Spa system and my tenants have all given me positive feedback about this product. I hope more people find out about this alternative for their hot tubs and have the opportunity to use and appreciate it the way I do.

- Izuka Keitaroh