When is it best to soak in my hot tub?

legsBefore or after a workout?

Timing is everything for hot tub relief after exercise.

When your heart returns to a normal rate and after your temperature is lower (less or no sweating) it is time to spend time in the hot tub.  This can reduce your pain and improve your range of motion.

You may want to follow this schedule:

BEFORE A WORK OUT: A short time in an hot tub soak may make exercise more pleasant.  Time in a Nordic Hot Tub will increase blood flow.  Drink water because your sweating starts in the Hot Tub and continues into your exercise.

RIGHT AFTER A WORK OUT:  Not Suggested – Cool down first and apply ice to sore muscles.  The warm water in a hot tub may just increase the inflammation.  After you cool down, enjoy your hot tub.

LATER (2-4 hours):  Once you are cooled down, you can maximize the hot tub benefits.  Because the hot water will stimulate blood flow, it will stimulate healing or damaged muscles.

Remember ice first, hot tub later.